Customers are advertising Hairstylist work for free everyday! They cause people to look, take pictures, post on social media, ask questions like who did there hair, where is this person located, how much did there hairstyle cost etc. Clients are so awesome! They advertise your work daily. It is to your advantage to always do your best to make your clients look fierce whenever you perform a service. They are you FREE advertising.

Hair Braiders Marketing Tip #2.  “Turn your clients into a walking Billboard.”  I’m so excited to share this tip with you!  When  I started my business, I knew that advertising was important.  I didn’t’t have any advertising dollars.  What was I supposed to do?   On my way to work everyday I would read billboards wishing that I could have one advertising my work.  The billboards  were always advertising sneakers, doctors offices, churches etc.  I inquired about posting an ad but the price was way out of my league. Too expensive.  Then I had an idea!  Why not  make my clients a WALKING BILLBOARD!  


I chose 5 clients that worked in key places.  For example, the bank, the grocery store, corporate jobs or places were there would be lots of traffic.  They paid me full price to get their hair done.  I then asked them if they would give my card out to anyone that complimented them on their hair.  If they send me 3 people before their next visit, their next hair style would be 50% off!


I can tell you that this strategy worked like a charm!  Clients love discounts!  They love compliments and being able to show off their hair and talk about their Hairstylist.  Try this today, I promise you that it works!:-)

Let me know how this tip worked for you! For those of you who haven’t taken the step of becoming a Licensed Hair Braider, you can always sign up when you are ready by clicking here.

Happy Braiding!!:-)