Should I burn the loose dread hairs?

Should I cut off my loose hair that is sticking out of my loc? Should I burn the hair sticking out off my locs with a cigarette lighter the way people do with synthetic braids? Should I put gel on my locs to make them look neater. The answer is No to all of the above.

Do Not cut loose hair sticking out of your locs.

Cutting the loose hairs at the roots is not an good idea. It will make your dreadlocks thin and it only takes care of the problem for a short period of time, the hairs will grow back and they will still be loose hairs among your dreads. The best thing to do is just take care of the problem.
Cutting loose hairs in the middle of the dread is a really bad idea. The effects are the same as cutting tips. The hair is no longer held together and the hair starts to move, sometimes it will fall out of the dread, this can cause the dread to fall apart. The best way to take care of loose hairs in the middle of dreads is to thread the loose hairs through the dread with a Dread Tool.

Dreadlocks in a ponytail after loose hair dread tool was used

How to do it:

  • gather the loose hairs.
  • thread the loose hairs through the flosser.
  • weave the loose hair in and out through the dread using the dread tool.