Clear Space. Not Black or White. How do you see things? Which angle are you looking through? If you look to the left, it may be the wrong way, you might be called biased! If you look to the right it may be the right way, but you might hear the words favoritism! Clear Space, thats all their really is. If that space is an illusion, then I don’t want to see. I can’t choose, Black or White? Or should I stay in a Clear space?

Young woman looking
Young Woman Thinking


Woman with long grey hair holding a blue flower and crying

There are so many things going on in our minds. We create stories of our own every minute of the day. Our minds never stop chattering. We believe what the mind is whispering to us. We should ask ourselves – Is it true? Is it real? Or is our mind playing tricks and games on us again?

Let’s stop assuming and listening to what our mind has to say. It may not be true. It’s good to talk, communicate, laugh, play, ask questions. The only time you will really know the truth about someone is when you speak to that person and try to understand their situations and circumstances.

Remember – Not Black or White. Let’s stay in that Clear Space. No Color. No Judgement. Stop overthinking everything.