Get these 10 Bombshell Blonde Braided Looks

Bombshell Blonde Braids shows off women who were not born as blondes, however, they love the transparent color and show off the different ways of expressing their feeling while wearing this stunning color!

You may want the look of color, without dying your own hair. A great option is to braid your hair! You can add hues of honey blond into bleach blond, it’s a great look when put together. As far as length is concerned, go all the way to Rapunzel’s length. Braid length has is no limit!

Are you a jewelry girl? Do you like to wear a ring on every finger? Well here is a chance to add small rings into your hair to get the look of a Nubian Queen!

When in the mood, split your braids from ear to ear, then take the front section and place into a ponytail, then simply wrap the hair around in a circle to create this stunning crown. Dark roots on very light blonde hair can be a very bold look.

Faux locs are fun, versatile, and a fabulous hairstyle to rock! Anyone can wear them and look amazing! If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to have dreadlocks, well here’s a good way to experiment. With Faux locs, you can wear them in different styles, lengths, and colors.


TWIST can be worn in many different sizes. Pictured below is a beautiful lady wearing medium size twist. The twist style is chic and sophisticated. It is usually worn as an everyday protective braid style, however twists, can be worn for any special occasion.

2 thoughts on “Get these 10 Bombshell Blonde Braided Looks”

    1. Hi Sandra. The dark skin Beauty colored her hair first, then applied synthetic hair to make faux locs. You can purchase either yarn, Marley hair or kanekalon hair to duplicate this faux loc style. Bear in mind that her hair has been installed for awhile. That’s the reason for the natural unkept look. Hope this helps.


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