Who started the Hair Braiding Trend for White Women

Bo Derek as Jenny, laying on beach. (Photo by Bruce Mcbroom/Warner Bros./Getty Images)

Bo Derek  is a famous American model, actress and film producer as well. She is best known for her stunning appearance in the box-office hit film 10. Who can forget Bo Derek? I surely can’t . Back in the day in 1979, I still remember the controversy that was centered around this sexy lady who wore her beaded braids so proudly! Her hairstyle made a bold statement to the world saying “I can wear Braids with beads like the tribal women of Africa!” Those unspoken words still linger in my mind. I believe that she may have been the first white woman to be in a movie sporting a hairstyle that only black women were wearing at that time. She may have opened the door for other White and Latino women to feel comfortable with a hairstyle that at one time only black women wore. The following pics are of young women sporting their tresses and being very comfortable wearing braids.

Cultural appropriation? Not everyone thinks so. White girls & Latino girls love to wear braids! Not just any type of braid, though. I’m talking long, braided extensions that take hours and hours to do. Hair is personal and you can style it how you want to. There are no limits!

Two thick plaits – “The Warrior”

Braids are usually done tight. Most women don’t like the feeling of having their hair stretched or pulling to create a longer lasting style. But after it was done, it looks nice despite the fact that a few Advil may be needed!

Braided Extensions with Color
Green Extensions always look good with an outfit!
Red & Blond Box Braids
Let’s play around with Ombre colors!
Waist length box braids with a bun on her crown

After all is said and done, braids are fun! A welcome change from your everyday hairstyle. You can put down your blowdryer and curling and just relax. You won’t have much to do as far as hair maintenance! To care for your braids at night, simply put your hair in a bun or tie a silk scarf around your braids to preserve your style. You should be able to get at least 4 weeks out of your hair-do:-)

Zig-zag partings look great on this young lady wearing camouflage
Lady at work sporting her ponytail under a hard hat

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