What’s in my Mobile Hair Braider Bag?

There are many benefits to being a Mobile Hair Braider. Be your own boss. Set your own days and hours to work. Choose the areas you want to work in just to name a few good reasons for working as a Mobile Braider.

Now that you are ready to travel to your clients, what do you need to bring along with you? You don’t want to show up to your clients home or office and realize that you are missing an item. It’s best to travel with more items or products than you need. “Better to be safe than sorry”. As a freelance braider, your bag must always be equipped with everything you need to complete your braiding job.

Here is a list of items that should be in your Braiders bag:

  1. Synthetic hair. At least 1 pack of black and brown
  2. Blowdryer
  3. Scissors
  4. Combs & Brushes
  5. Hair ties
  6. Beads and barrettes
  7. Butterfly Clips to hold the hair
  8. Edge Control
  9. Needle & thread
  10. Oil/grease for scalp
  11. Rubberbands
  12. Brown paper bag for trash or plastic bag
  13. Container the size of your combs for soiled combs
  14. Cape and neck-strips
  15. A towel to lay on the table to place your tools on
  16. Paper Towels or Wubbies Towels
  17. Hand Sanitizer
  18. Barbicide
  19. Wipes
  20. Bandages
  21. Spray bottle
  22. A Smock to wear over your clothes (looks Professional plus it keeps the hair off of you)
  23. Your Braiding License
  24. Sheen Spray/Hair Spray
  25. Toothbrush or small styling brush for edges


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