Get these 10 Bombshell Blonde Braided Looks

Bombshell Blonde Braids shows off women who were not born as blondes, however, they love the transparent color and show off the different ways of expressing their feeling while wearing this stunning color!

You may want the look of color, without dying your own hair. A great option is to braid your hair! You can add hues of honey blond into bleach blond, it’s a great look when put together. As far as length is concerned, go all the way to Rapunzel’s length. Braid length has is no limit!

Are you a jewelry girl? Do you like to wear a ring on every finger? Well here is a chance to add small rings into your hair to get the look of a Nubian Queen!

When in the mood, split your braids from ear to ear, then take the front section and place into a ponytail, then simply wrap the hair around in a circle to create this stunning crown. Dark roots on very light blonde hair can be a very bold look.

Faux locs are fun, versatile, and a fabulous hairstyle to rock! Anyone can wear them and look amazing! If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to have dreadlocks, well here’s a good way to experiment. With Faux locs, you can wear them in different styles, lengths, and colors.


TWIST can be worn in many different sizes. Pictured below is a beautiful lady wearing medium size twist. The twist style is chic and sophisticated. It is usually worn as an everyday protective braid style, however twists, can be worn for any special occasion.

Clear Space – Not Black or White

Clear Space. Not Black or White. How do you see things? Which angle are you looking through? If you look to the left, it may be the wrong way, you might be called biased! If you look to the right it may be the right way, but you might hear the words favoritism! Clear Space, thats all their really is. If that space is an illusion, then I don’t want to see. I can’t choose, Black or White? Or should I stay in a Clear space?

Young woman looking
Young Woman Thinking


Woman with long grey hair holding a blue flower and crying

There are so many things going on in our minds. We create stories of our own every minute of the day. Our minds never stop chattering. We believe what the mind is whispering to us. We should ask ourselves – Is it true? Is it real? Or is our mind playing tricks and games on us again?

Let’s stop assuming and listening to what our mind has to say. It may not be true. It’s good to talk, communicate, laugh, play, ask questions. The only time you will really know the truth about someone is when you speak to that person and try to understand their situations and circumstances.

Remember – Not Black or White. Let’s stay in that Clear Space. No Color. No Judgement. Stop overthinking everything.

Low Income License Waiver Program for Hair Braiders

The Department of Business & Professional Regulations has a low income license waiver program. This program helps individuals who do not have the money to pay for their license. The waiver will pay for your license fee, however, you will still be responsible for paying for the additional fees. For example, your application fees etc.  For a list of the remaining fees due at time of application for licensure please click here.
If you have the desire without much money, you are still able to work in your chosen field and get your state license.

Under House Bill 615, which went into effect July 1, 2017, the Department now has the ability to waive the initial licensing fee for low-income individuals who apply to the Department for a state professional license. To qualify for this fee waiver, the applicant must demonstrate that his or her annual household income, before taxes, is at or below 130 percent of the federal poverty guidelines prescribed for the family’s household size by the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

For those who need financial assistance to get their license, I would highly suggest that you check this program out. “No one should ever be denied an education or to work in their chosen field due to the lack of money”.


What should I to do with loose hair in my locs

Should I burn the loose dread hairs?

Should I cut off my loose hair that is sticking out of my loc? Should I burn the hair sticking out off my locs with a cigarette lighter the way people do with synthetic braids? Should I put gel on my locs to make them look neater. The answer is No to all of the above.

Do Not cut loose hair sticking out of your locs.

Cutting the loose hairs at the roots is not an good idea. It will make your dreadlocks thin and it only takes care of the problem for a short period of time, the hairs will grow back and they will still be loose hairs among your dreads. The best thing to do is just take care of the problem.
Cutting loose hairs in the middle of the dread is a really bad idea. The effects are the same as cutting tips. The hair is no longer held together and the hair starts to move, sometimes it will fall out of the dread, this can cause the dread to fall apart. The best way to take care of loose hairs in the middle of dreads is to thread the loose hairs through the dread with a Dread Tool.

Dreadlocks in a ponytail after loose hair dread tool was used

How to do it:

  • gather the loose hairs.
  • thread the loose hairs through the flosser.
  • weave the loose hair in and out through the dread using the dread tool.

Best EyeLashes To Wear

We all love eyelashes! They have been around for a very long time. They used to be worn on special occasions or on theatre sets, however today eyelashes are worn on a daily basic by most women of all races. There are so many different brands on the market, different lengths, colors & designs. Listed below are a few of the BEST types of lashes to wear.

Is Your Eyelash Tech Licensed?

Is your Eyelash Tech licensed to apply false eyelashes to your eyelids? In the State of Florida if you are applying false eyelashes for compensation, you must be licensed as a Cosmetologist, or registered as a facial specialist or full specialist. The state board determined that false eyelashes does not fall within the scope of a nail specialist. You can read their final order declaratory statement here.

Image via @maccosmetics 

Lashes can and will enhance your overall glamour appearance. Please be careful who you give permission to apply false lashes onto your eyelids. Just remember that they are using glue and your eyes may be sensitive. Check the persons credentials (who is applying the false eyelashes) and the products they are using before your service begins.

High Volume Mink Lashes

*Affiliate Disclosure: I may be an affiliate for products that I recommend. If you purchase those items through my links, I may earn a commission. You will not pay more when buying a product through my link. I only recommend books and products that i use and are genuinely interested in.*

How as a Hairstylist I went from applying relaxers to Braiding Hair

As a Cosmetologist, my speciality at the beginning of my career was mainly applying relaxers, styling & cutting hair.  I wasn’t a natural hair stylist doing braids, twists & locs all day.   About 7 years ago, I made a major change in my career after seeing  80% of my clientele chose to become naturalists!  They no longer wanted relaxers!  So with that said, I added  chemical free options to my salon services.pexels-photo-1826346

Natural Hair Afro

I informed  my clients that they didn’t have to do a big chop.  Hair Weave was an option to help them grow out their natural hair without cutting.  I announced that if they wanted to transition from relaxer to natural hair and didn’t want to cut it off, weaves were the way to go! They listened and I was back in the game!  I used what I knew but just gave clients a solution to their problem!  How to transition from relaxers to natural hair.  That’s just one thing that I did.

YOU can do the same with your Braiding business.  Add on weave services! If you can braid and sew, then DO IT!  It will boost your income.  Most people pay anywhere from $75 – $300 in my area for a weave by **Professional Braiders.  Research what people in your area are charging and then offer a discount to beat their prices.

Always remember, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Start doing something today!  Get into the Billion Dollar Hair Care Business!

**Please note that I am a Licensed Hair Stylist.  I am allowed to cut hair.  With a Braiding license, you are not legally allowed to cut hair as per the DPBR.
Sewn In Weave

7 Must Have Qualities to Become a Successful Braider

There are seven must have qualities to become a successful Braider. You must have patience, fashion & style, be a good listener, good planner, set goals, good communicator and stay informed. If you adhere to these 7 principles, you will be a successful Braider.

  1. Patience:  Braiding someone hair takes a lot of time and patience to complete.  You have to be willing to pay attention to details. Take the time to make sure that the style you are creating is nice with good partings.
  2. Fashionable and stylish:  As a Braider, your clients look to you for inspiration. When they sit in your chair, they would like to get new braiding ideas from you. They trust that you are current on the newest hair fashions and styles.
  3. Good Listener:  You must be a good listener. Most clients get very relaxed when someone is doing their hair. If they’ve been coming to you for hair services for awhile, they will begin to confide in you. Please, just listen and don’t try to become their therapist by giving advice. (If your advise isn’t that good, you may lose your client). Therefore, its best to just listen.
  4. Good Planner:  You should have a planner or an on-line appointment book. It is very important for you to be organized in your business. Being organized, you will be able to have more control of your time. Which will give you the ability to balance your career and home life without too much stress.
  5. Set Goals: Set realistic goals for yourself. Start with daily goals, then weekly goals. If possible try to set monthly goals for yourself and your business. If you are trying to purchase a large item or want to add more clients to your book weekly. Simply write it down, figure out a plan on how you will be able to achieve this goal. Work at reaching the set goal everyday until accomplished.
  6. Good Communicator:  Be able to speak to your client in a professional matter. Whenever there is a dispute in your salon, whether it is with the client or a staff member, always remember that you are on stage and your clients are watching. You don’t want any negative reviews or someone taping you in a manner that is not flattering to yourself or your company’s brand.
  7. Stay Informed: With current events. Have knowledge of current issues in your community, country, world affairs.  You may be seen by your clients as the source of information on issues affecting their lives.

12 Days of Hair Braiding 16 Hour Course Enter to Win Every Single Day!

Grow Your Business

With the new year around the corner, the Hair Braiding 16 Hour Course team got to thinking – how can we best give back to all of you and help our audience have the most successful 2019 possible?

We can never thank all of you enough – our Students (and future Braiders!) are the ones who make Hair Braiding 16 Hour Course what it is. Without all of you, we’d have nobody to cheer on and celebrate. And ‘tis the season of giving, so we thought we would host 12 days of giveaways.

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The Prizes

Of course, the prizes are geared towards Hair Braiders and entrepreneurs. I don’t want to spill all of the beans quite yet, but here are just a few of the prizes we’ll be giving away:

  • Free Hair Braiding 16 Hour Courses
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How To Enter

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Look like a Celebrity with Rainbow Braids

Look like a Celebrity with Rainbow Braids! Bold rainbow colorful braids are only for the BOLD and CONFIDENT!  If you are the type of person that loves to be bright, colorful, amazing and daring then rainbow braids are for you. Mix and match colors, play with pastels, neon, neutral colors! Anything goes when it comes to the rainbow braids!

Alicia Keys wearing pink and yellow braids.


Very Hip & Trendy

Self -expression! Be you!  Show the World all the different sides of you!

Hairstylists makes 6 figures working outside of the Salon.

There are many Hairstylists that make 6 figures. As a Hairstylist, you can map out your own future. Decide when you will work, where and who you will work for. Even better, you may choose to be your own boss! One of the greatest things about working in the Hair Care Industry is that once you have your Hair Braiding license or  Cosmetology license, you can work just about anywhere within your state. You even have the ability to choose the type of arena that you would like to perform your hair magic!

Instead of spending all of your work hours behind the chair, you can break up your days or weeks by going outside of the salon to work on clients hair.  Here are a few jobs outside of the salon that will pay you well, however, you have to do your own marketing to lock in these gigs.



Every bride may not have here own personal stylist that may be willing to meet her at the hotel or wedding destination to get the bride ready for her big day.  This is your opportunity to gain the Brides business and maybe the Bridesmaids.  Offer her a great deal.  Also ask if there will be family or friends coming from out of town.  They too may be in need of a last minute hair do.



Getting into Fashion Hairdressing might be a little tricky.  It’s all about who you know.  You have to network to get into this field. If you want to be in the industry you need to get to know as many people as you can, with that said,  should be going to fashion events, chamber of commerce events and other networking events to get to know as many people as possible. Present yourself as a professional and have ready examples of your work — via your profolio or blog — you can build the kinds of contacts to help you launch a career in fashion hairdressing.  You can also find fashion designers, local magazines or TV stations that might be willing to take on an Hairstylist on an on call basis.



Most Photographers have a go to Hair Stylist and/or makeup artist that they can call to help them make there models look their best.  It is a must! Google Photographers in your local area, give them a call to see if they could add your name to their list of professional Hair Braiders or Hair Stylist.



Most senior citizens homes have a hair salon located inside of the facility.  Contact the administrator of the home to see if there are any part-time positions.  You can also do something kind by asking if its okay to give the ladies a little gift.  It can be a flower or maybe a small teddy bear just to show that you care about them.  While passing out your gifts at the facility, you may want to give the residents your business card.  A few of the elderly ladies may want you to do an in room private service.  Please note – you must be a compassionate and patient person if you choose to work with the elderly.



In todays society, their are lots of single parents raising daughters.  A few of these single men are fathers!  You can offer a one day “Daddy & Me class” teaching Fathers how to do 2 simple braid styles.  The class should not last longer than 4 hours. Reserve your salon on a closed day, maybe a Sunday.  If not the salon then maybe your lounge at your apartment complex or community center. Purchase rubbers bands, a few cute hair clips, refreshments (juice, water & cookies) for your class.   At the end of the class the little girls will feel pretty and happy to know that their Dad did their hair!