How To Cornrow For Beginners

Here’s an 3 easy step by step process of how you can cornrow your hair as a beginner.

  1. It can be confusing when the terms cornrows is used or canerows. They’re basically all the same thing. Cornrow looks are a type of flat plait that originates from Africa and the Caribbean. As you may have guessed, the name comes from their appearance, similar to rows of cane or corn.
  2. To create the style, start by taking one to two inches of hair from the top and divide it into three parts. Take the right section and cross it underneath the middle one, then do the same with the left section. Now pick up hair from the sides, adding them to your strands before repeating the weaving process. Keep doing this until you reach the ends of your hair and secure with a hairband. Remember not to leave any hair in the middle. Otherwise, you’ll end up with a standard Dutch braid instead.
  3. You don’t have to worry about cornrow styles damaging your hair. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Cornrows are a great option if you’re looking for a protective hairstyle or even to do a braid out. You just have to remember to be gentle with your hair and not to make the braid too tight so you don’t end up with a tension headache or hair loss! A great way to protect your strands during this process, give them extra hydration and nourish them is by combing a leave-in conditioner into your strands before you braid. 

Below, is an excellent incredibly detailed tutorial for cornrowing, by GlamFam Hair & Beauty.

Photo by Nadezhda Diskant

Now its time to Braid your Clients Hair. Follow the directions below:

Step 1: Shampoo Clients hair.

Start by shampooing your clients hair, then comb through to remove tangles.

Step 2: Section hair.

Next, section off clients hair to create a vertical row from front to back of your head. Using a tail comb will make this easiest.

Tip: More sections equal smaller braids, larger sections will create bigger braids.

Step 3: Divide hair to start braiding.

Starting at the front of your clients hair, take a small section of hair, and divide this small section into 3 equal pieces.

Step 4: Begin braiding.

Now that you have the hair divided, start the braid by crossing the left or right strand under the center strand and then repeating with the outer strand from the other side.

Step 5: Repeat step four.

Now, you’ll want to keep repeating step 4. However, this time, add in additional hair to each side from underneath as you weave. Do this until you’ve reached the base of your neck.

Step 6: Start a three-strand braid.

Once you don’t have anymore hair to add from underneath, continue to do a traditional 3-strand braid until you reach the end of your hair.

Step 7: Secure with an elastic (if needed).

To make sure your braid stay secured, finish off the ends with a knot or secure with an elastic.(only if needed)

Step 8: Repeat steps two – seven.

Continue step 2-7 until all of your hair is braided.

Step 9: Smooth edges.

Using a smoothing gel, smooth edges down with a toothbrush.

Photo By Styves Exantus

What’s in my Mobile Hair Braider Bag?

There are many benefits to being a Mobile Hair Braider. Be your own boss. Set your own days and hours to work. Choose the areas you want to work in just to name a few good reasons for working as a Mobile Braider.

Now that you are ready to travel to your clients, what do you need to bring along with you? You don’t want to show up to your clients home or office and realize that you are missing an item. It’s best to travel with more items or products than you need. “Better to be safe than sorry”. As a freelance braider, your bag must always be equipped with everything you need to complete your braiding job.

Here is a list of items that should be in your Braiders bag:

  1. Synthetic hair. At least 1 pack of black and brown
  2. Blowdryer
  3. Scissors
  4. Combs & Brushes
  5. Hair ties
  6. Beads and barrettes
  7. Butterfly Clips to hold the hair
  8. Edge Control
  9. Needle & thread
  10. Oil/grease for scalp
  11. Rubberbands
  12. Brown paper bag for trash or plastic bag
  13. Container the size of your combs for soiled combs
  14. Cape and neck-strips
  15. A towel to lay on the table to place your tools on
  16. Paper Towels or Wubbies Towels
  17. Hand Sanitizer
  18. Barbicide
  19. Wipes
  20. Bandages
  21. Spray bottle
  22. A Smock to wear over your clothes (looks Professional plus it keeps the hair off of you)
  23. Your Braiding License
  24. Sheen Spray/Hair Spray
  25. Toothbrush or small styling brush for edges

What is the 16 Hour Florida Hair Braiding Course?

Question: What is the 16 Hour Florida Hair Braiding Course? Answer: The *16 Hour Florida Hair Braiding Course is a course for anyone wanting to work in a Hair Salon. The course teaches you how to protect yourself and your clients from diseases & disorders. A Florida Braiders License is no longer required by the Department of Business and Professional Regulations, Cosmetology Board. *(Not a course for CE or licensing)

General Requirements for Hair Braiding are as follows:

a. Applicant must be at least 16 years of age or have received a high school diploma.
b. Applicant must pass a short review quiz in order to complete the hair braiding course.

Now is the time to enter into the multi-billion dollar hair industry. When you take the 16 Hour Hair Braiding Course, many doors of opportunity will then open for you in the field of beauty. You can then pursue a career in the beauty industry as a Hair Braider and later on a Cosmetologist if you desire.

16 Hour Hair Braiding Course Description:

This course is designed to provide 16-hours of instruction in the following areas to become certified in hair braiding:

*5 Hours: HIV/AIDS and other Communicable Diseases.
*5 Hours: Sanitation and Sterilization.
*4 Hours: Disorders and Diseases of the Scalp.
*2 Hours: Laws and Rules of the State of Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation, which affect the governing practices of Hair Braiding.

A’s Hair Braiding

16 Hour Hair Braiding Course

Sale price $35.00 Regular price $99.99 Tax included.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

Here’s how you ENROLL:

You can start the 16 hour braiding course whenever it’s convenient. You can even log in and log out as often as you like because our system will keep track of your progress. Study using your mobile phone or computer. With no files to download, it’s simple to earn your 16 Hour Hair Braiding Certificate.

If you would like more information, please click here to leave us a message.

Get these 10 Bombshell Blonde Braided Looks

Bombshell Blonde Braids shows off women who were not born as blondes, however, they love the transparent color and show off the different ways of expressing their feeling while wearing this stunning color!

You may want the look of color, without dying your own hair. A great option is to braid your hair! You can add hues of honey blond into bleach blond, it’s a great look when put together. As far as length is concerned, go all the way to Rapunzel’s length. Braid length has is no limit!

Are you a jewelry girl? Do you like to wear a ring on every finger? Well here is a chance to add small rings into your hair to get the look of a Nubian Queen!

When in the mood, split your braids from ear to ear, then take the front section and place into a ponytail, then simply wrap the hair around in a circle to create this stunning crown. Dark roots on very light blonde hair can be a very bold look.

Faux locs are fun, versatile, and a fabulous hairstyle to rock! Anyone can wear them and look amazing! If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to have dreadlocks, well here’s a good way to experiment. With Faux locs, you can wear them in different styles, lengths, and colors.


TWIST can be worn in many different sizes. Pictured below is a beautiful lady wearing medium size twist. The twist style is chic and sophisticated. It is usually worn as an everyday protective braid style, however twists, can be worn for any special occasion.

Low Income License Waiver Program for Hair Braiders

The Department of Business & Professional Regulations has a low income license waiver program. This program helps individuals who do not have the money to pay for their license. The waiver will pay for your license fee, however, you will still be responsible for paying for the additional fees. For example, your application fees etc.  For a list of the remaining fees due at time of application for licensure please click here.
If you have the desire without much money, you are still able to work in your chosen field and get your state license.

Under House Bill 615, which went into effect July 1, 2017, the Department now has the ability to waive the initial licensing fee for low-income individuals who apply to the Department for a state professional license. To qualify for this fee waiver, the applicant must demonstrate that his or her annual household income, before taxes, is at or below 130 percent of the federal poverty guidelines prescribed for the family’s household size by the United States Department of Health and Human Services.

For those who need financial assistance to get their license, I would highly suggest that you check this program out. “No one should ever be denied an education or to work in their chosen field due to the lack of money”.


How as a Hairstylist I went from applying relaxers to Braiding Hair

As a Cosmetologist, my speciality at the beginning of my career was mainly applying relaxers, styling & cutting hair.  I wasn’t a natural hair stylist doing braids, twists & locs all day.   About 7 years ago, I made a major change in my career after seeing  80% of my clientele chose to become naturalists!  They no longer wanted relaxers!  So with that said, I added  chemical free options to my salon services.pexels-photo-1826346

Natural Hair Afro

I informed  my clients that they didn’t have to do a big chop.  Hair Weave was an option to help them grow out their natural hair without cutting.  I announced that if they wanted to transition from relaxer to natural hair and didn’t want to cut it off, weaves were the way to go! They listened and I was back in the game!  I used what I knew but just gave clients a solution to their problem!  How to transition from relaxers to natural hair.  That’s just one thing that I did.

YOU can do the same with your Braiding business.  Add on weave services! If you can braid and sew, then DO IT!  It will boost your income.  Most people pay anywhere from $75 – $300 in my area for a weave by **Professional Braiders.  Research what people in your area are charging and then offer a discount to beat their prices.

Always remember, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained! Start doing something today!  Get into the Billion Dollar Hair Care Business!

**Please note that I am a Licensed Hair Stylist.  I am allowed to cut hair.  With a Braiding license, you are not legally allowed to cut hair as per the DPBR.
Sewn In Weave

7 Must Have Qualities to Become a Successful Braider

There are seven must have qualities to become a successful Braider. You must have patience, fashion & style, be a good listener, good planner, set goals, good communicator and stay informed. If you adhere to these 7 principles, you will be a successful Braider.

  1. Patience:  Braiding someone hair takes a lot of time and patience to complete.  You have to be willing to pay attention to details. Take the time to make sure that the style you are creating is nice with good partings.
  2. Fashionable and stylish:  As a Braider, your clients look to you for inspiration. When they sit in your chair, they would like to get new braiding ideas from you. They trust that you are current on the newest hair fashions and styles.
  3. Good Listener:  You must be a good listener. Most clients get very relaxed when someone is doing their hair. If they’ve been coming to you for hair services for awhile, they will begin to confide in you. Please, just listen and don’t try to become their therapist by giving advice. (If your advise isn’t that good, you may lose your client). Therefore, its best to just listen.
  4. Good Planner:  You should have a planner or an on-line appointment book. It is very important for you to be organized in your business. Being organized, you will be able to have more control of your time. Which will give you the ability to balance your career and home life without too much stress.
  5. Set Goals: Set realistic goals for yourself. Start with daily goals, then weekly goals. If possible try to set monthly goals for yourself and your business. If you are trying to purchase a large item or want to add more clients to your book weekly. Simply write it down, figure out a plan on how you will be able to achieve this goal. Work at reaching the set goal everyday until accomplished.
  6. Good Communicator:  Be able to speak to your client in a professional matter. Whenever there is a dispute in your salon, whether it is with the client or a staff member, always remember that you are on stage and your clients are watching. You don’t want any negative reviews or someone taping you in a manner that is not flattering to yourself or your company’s brand.
  7. Stay Informed: With current events. Have knowledge of current issues in your community, country, world affairs.  You may be seen by your clients as the source of information on issues affecting their lives.

12 Days of Hair Braiding 16 Hour Course Enter to Win Every Single Day!

Grow Your Business

With the new year around the corner, the Hair Braiding 16 Hour Course team got to thinking – how can we best give back to all of you and help our audience have the most successful 2019 possible?

We can never thank all of you enough – our Students (and future Braiders!) are the ones who make Hair Braiding 16 Hour Course what it is. Without all of you, we’d have nobody to cheer on and celebrate. And ‘tis the season of giving, so we thought we would host 12 days of giveaways.

(Click here to enter or at bottom of page)

The Prizes

Of course, the prizes are geared towards Hair Braiders and entrepreneurs. I don’t want to spill all of the beans quite yet, but here are just a few of the prizes we’ll be giving away:

  • Free Hair Braiding 16 Hour Courses
  • One week of Business Coaching to help your start your Braiding Business
  • A feature on the Hair Braiding 16 Hour Course Blog
  • Lots of prizes that the Hair Braider will enjoy!

How To Enter

The fun is taking place over at Twitter, so make sure you don’t miss out by following our account and the hashtag #12DaysofHairBraid16

Your main entry will be responding to our daily prompt on Twitter – but there will be other ways to win as well! You can also gain extra entries by sharing the giveaway with your friends. To Sign Up click here.

P.S.  Make sure you stick around until day 12 the biggest prize of all………you’re not going to want to miss it!  Check out more  content from our blog.



Look like a Celebrity with Rainbow Braids

Look like a Celebrity with Rainbow Braids! Bold rainbow colorful braids are only for the BOLD and CONFIDENT!  If you are the type of person that loves to be bright, colorful, amazing and daring then rainbow braids are for you. Mix and match colors, play with pastels, neon, neutral colors! Anything goes when it comes to the rainbow braids!

Alicia Keys wearing pink and yellow braids.


Very Hip & Trendy

Self -expression! Be you!  Show the World all the different sides of you!

How to build your Clientele in One Month!

How to make clients fun to your chair for service.  Imagine,  a slow day.  No clients.  You are doing absolutely nothing besides playing around with your own hair or your co-workers.  It’s better to work for half the money than none at all!  Heres how to get clients to sit in your chair for service plus bring their friend along.

Hair Braiders Marketing Tip #1 – 2 for the price of 1.”   This marketing tip is a tip that anyone can use to build their Hair Braiding business.  You don’t have to invest any money, just time,  hard work and dedication.  You must be willing to give your clients a FREE  service or a DISCOUNT that has value to them.  Once they receive what they are looking for, guaranteed, they will become local clients and refer others to you.

Let me share a story about myself and how I know for a fact that this marketing tip works.  I am not originally from Florida.  When I moved here from New York City,  I didn’t know anyone.  I had zero (0) clients!   At that time we didn’t have  social media.  Only flyers, business cards and word of mouth.  I didn’t have advertising dollars, so I had to figure out how to get clients through the door without spending a dime.   Here’s what I did to build my clientele from 0 to 20 in just a few weeks! In 3 months I had over 50 steady clients!

 MARKETING TIP #1 . On my slow days in the salon, which were Tuesday & Wednesday, I offered a 2 for 1 Special.

pexels-photo-936139 (1)

What that means is that I did 2 people for the price of 1.  If the hair style cost $100, then one person could pay the entire price and treat their friend to a FREE style.  Or they could split the cost, half and half making the cost of the service $50 for each person.

I offered this special 2 for the price of 1  every week for about 3 months.  It was hard work.  I gave quality service.  My clients were happy and continued to return bringing along a friend to get the 2 for 1 special.  *Please note, a client could not return with the same person who had gotten their hair done previously.  They could only bring NEW CLIENTS.

The purpose of this campaign was NOT MONEY!  It was to BUILD A CLIENTELE.  This marketing campaign was a win for me.  I gained new clients every week.  It was also a win for my client because they got their hair done at 1/2 price.

If you would like to learn more about how to run this 2 for 1  special  to build more clients, leave a message or comment,  I would be happy to help you!:-)