Hairstylists makes 6 figures working outside of the Salon.

There are many Hairstylists that make 6 figures. As a Hairstylist, you can map out your own future. Decide when you will work, where and who you will work for. Even better, you may choose to be your own boss! One of the greatest things about working in the Hair Care Industry is that once you have your Hair Braiding licenseĀ orĀ  Cosmetology license, you can work just about anywhere within your state. You even have the ability to choose the type of arena that you would like to perform your hair magic!

Instead of spending all of your work hours behind the chair, you can break up your days or weeks by going outside of the salon to work on clients hair.  Here are a few jobs outside of the salon that will pay you well, however, you have to do your own marketing to lock in these gigs.



Every bride may not have here own personal stylist that may be willing to meet her at the hotel or wedding destination to get the bride ready for her big day.  This is your opportunity to gain the Brides business and maybe the Bridesmaids.  Offer her a great deal.  Also ask if there will be family or friends coming from out of town.  They too may be in need of a last minute hair do.



Getting into Fashion Hairdressing might be a little tricky.  It’s all about who you know.  You have to network to get into this field. If you want to be in the industry you need to get to know as many people as you can, with that said,  should be going to fashion events, chamber of commerce events and other networking events to get to know as many people as possible. Present yourself as a professional and have ready examples of your work — via your profolio or blog — you can build the kinds of contacts to help you launch a career in fashion hairdressing.  You can also find fashion designers, local magazines or TV stations that might be willing to take on an Hairstylist on an on call basis.



Most Photographers have a go to Hair Stylist and/or makeup artist that they can call to help them make there models look their best.  It is a must! Google Photographers in your local area, give them a call to see if they could add your name to their list of professional Hair Braiders or Hair Stylist.



Most senior citizens homes have a hair salon located inside of the facility.  Contact the administrator of the home to see if there are any part-time positions.  You can also do something kind by asking if its okay to give the ladies a little gift.  It can be a flower or maybe a small teddy bear just to show that you care about them.  While passing out your gifts at the facility, you may want to give the residents your business card.  A few of the elderly ladies may want you to do an in room private service.  Please note – you must be a compassionate and patient person if you choose to work with the elderly.



In todays society, their are lots of single parents raising daughters.  A few of these single men are fathers!  You can offer a one day “Daddy & Me class” teaching Fathers how to do 2 simple braid styles.  The class should not last longer than 4 hours. Reserve your salon on a closed day, maybe a Sunday.  If not the salon then maybe your lounge at your apartment complex or community center. Purchase rubbers bands, a few cute hair clips, refreshments (juice, water & cookies) for your class.   At the end of the class the little girls will feel pretty and happy to know that their Dad did their hair!

How to get your clients to advertise for you for FREE!

Customers are advertising Hairstylist work for free everyday! They cause people to look, take pictures, post on social media, ask questions like who did there hair, where is this person located, how much did there hairstyle cost etc. Clients are so awesome! They advertise your work daily. It is to your advantage to always do your best to make your clients look fierce whenever you perform a service. They are you FREE advertising.

Hair Braiders Marketing Tip #2.  “Turn your clients into a walking Billboard.”  I’m so excited to share this tip with you!  When  I started my business, I knew that advertising was important.  I didn’t’t have any advertising dollars.  What was I supposed to do?   On my way to work everyday I would read billboards wishing that I could have one advertising my work.  The billboards  were always advertising sneakers, doctors offices, churches etc.  I inquired about posting an ad but the price was way out of my league. Too expensive.  Then I had an idea!  Why not  make my clients a WALKING BILLBOARD!  


I chose 5 clients that worked in key places.  For example, the bank, the grocery store, corporate jobs or places were there would be lots of traffic.  They paid me full price to get their hair done.  I then asked them if they would give my card out to anyone that complimented them on their hair.  If they send me 3 people before their next visit, their next hair style would be 50% off!


I can tell you that this strategy worked like a charm!  Clients love discounts!  They love compliments and being able to show off their hair and talk about their Hairstylist.  Try this today, I promise you that it works!:-)

Let me know how this tip worked for you! For those of you who haven’t taken the step of becoming a Licensed Hair Braider, you can always sign up when you are ready by clicking here.

Happy Braiding!!:-)

How to build your Clientele in One Month!

How to make clients fun to your chair for service.  Imagine,  a slow day.  No clients.  You are doing absolutely nothing besides playing around with your own hair or your co-workers.  It’s better to work for half the money than none at all!  Heres how to get clients to sit in your chair for service plus bring their friend along.

Hair Braiders Marketing Tip #1 – 2 for the price of 1.”   This marketing tip is a tip that anyone can use to build their Hair Braiding business.  You don’t have to invest any money, just time,  hard work and dedication.  You must be willing to give your clients a FREE  service or a DISCOUNT that has value to them.  Once they receive what they are looking for, guaranteed, they will become local clients and refer others to you.

Let me share a story about myself and how I know for a fact that this marketing tip works.  I am not originally from Florida.  When I moved here from New York City,  I didn’t know anyone.  I had zero (0) clients!   At that time we didn’t have  social media.  Only flyers, business cards and word of mouth.  I didn’t have advertising dollars, so I had to figure out how to get clients through the door without spending a dime.   Here’s what I did to build my clientele from 0 to 20 in just a few weeks! In 3 months I had over 50 steady clients!

 MARKETING TIP #1 . On my slow days in the salon, which were Tuesday & Wednesday, I offered a 2 for 1 Special.

pexels-photo-936139 (1)

What that means is that I did 2 people for the price of 1.  If the hair style cost $100, then one person could pay the entire price and treat their friend to a FREE style.  Or they could split the cost, half and half making the cost of the service $50 for each person.

I offered this special 2 for the price of 1  every week for about 3 months.  It was hard work.  I gave quality service.  My clients were happy and continued to return bringing along a friend to get the 2 for 1 special.  *Please note, a client could not return with the same person who had gotten their hair done previously.  They could only bring NEW CLIENTS.

The purpose of this campaign was NOT MONEY!  It was to BUILD A CLIENTELE.  This marketing campaign was a win for me.  I gained new clients every week.  It was also a win for my client because they got their hair done at 1/2 price.

If you would like to learn more about how to run this 2 for 1  special  to build more clients, leave a message or comment,  I would be happy to help you!:-)