7 Must Have Qualities to Become a Successful Braider

There are seven must have qualities to become a successful Braider. You must have patience, fashion & style, be a good listener, good planner, set goals, good communicator and stay informed. If you adhere to these 7 principles, you will be a successful Braider.

  1. Patience:  Braiding someone hair takes a lot of time and patience to complete.  You have to be willing to pay attention to details. Take the time to make sure that the style you are creating is nice with good partings.
  2. Fashionable and stylish:  As a Braider, your clients look to you for inspiration. When they sit in your chair, they would like to get new braiding ideas from you. They trust that you are current on the newest hair fashions and styles.
  3. Good Listener:  You must be a good listener. Most clients get very relaxed when someone is doing their hair. If they’ve been coming to you for hair services for awhile, they will begin to confide in you. Please, just listen and don’t try to become their therapist by giving advice. (If your advise isn’t that good, you may lose your client). Therefore, its best to just listen.
  4. Good Planner:  You should have a planner or an on-line appointment book. It is very important for you to be organized in your business. Being organized, you will be able to have more control of your time. Which will give you the ability to balance your career and home life without too much stress.
  5. Set Goals: Set realistic goals for yourself. Start with daily goals, then weekly goals. If possible try to set monthly goals for yourself and your business. If you are trying to purchase a large item or want to add more clients to your book weekly. Simply write it down, figure out a plan on how you will be able to achieve this goal. Work at reaching the set goal everyday until accomplished.
  6. Good Communicator:  Be able to speak to your client in a professional matter. Whenever there is a dispute in your salon, whether it is with the client or a staff member, always remember that you are on stage and your clients are watching. You don’t want any negative reviews or someone taping you in a manner that is not flattering to yourself or your company’s brand.
  7. Stay Informed: With current events. Have knowledge of current issues in your community, country, world affairs.  You may be seen by your clients as the source of information on issues affecting their lives.