Dreadlock HairStyles for White Brides

It’s your day to shine. Complement your wedding day attire with dreadlocks filled with flowers and color. All added to make your special day magical.

Beautiful bun draped with a silky long vail

Half Up – Half Down

Half up half down hairstyles will never go out of style. Not even if your hair is all locked up! They’re one of the most popular hairstyles amongst brides, and also the most practical and easy to do.

Twisted Bun – Bride Dreadloc Updo

Bridal bun hairstyles are a great choice for any type of hair and create a timeless look that can be accessorized to look perfect with any style wedding.  Choose a twisted dreadloc bun updo for an elegant formal look.

Messy Dreadlocks Tucked Under a veil

Messy is the new perfect in our eyes, and as this utterly gorgeous loc style proves it! This young woman opted for a dread-style which may seem a little rough for some on lookers, however, her stunning brown locs are full of golden highlights, and has been placed under an off white veil for her special day.

Blonde Locs pulled back into a loose bun for a casual look

Black & Red Locs

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories can bring a wedding dread styles to life, as this stunning lady’s look proves. Her beautiful brown dreadlocs have been swept back and worked into a ponytail which cascades down her back. She has yellow and auburn flowers in her locs to express the warmth of the fall season.

When Love is in the air, its best to go with your heart and your deepest feelings. Be with the one you Love, wear whatever is appropriate for you to feel comfortable on your special day! That also goes for your hair. Sending Love to all the Brides out there who wore Dreadlocs or are planning too.

What should I to do with loose hair in my locs

Should I burn the loose dread hairs?

Should I cut off my loose hair that is sticking out of my loc? Should I burn the hair sticking out off my locs with a cigarette lighter the way people do with synthetic braids? Should I put gel on my locs to make them look neater. The answer is No to all of the above.

Do Not cut loose hair sticking out of your locs.

Cutting the loose hairs at the roots is not an good idea. It will make your dreadlocks thin and it only takes care of the problem for a short period of time, the hairs will grow back and they will still be loose hairs among your dreads. The best thing to do is just take care of the problem.
Cutting loose hairs in the middle of the dread is a really bad idea. The effects are the same as cutting tips. The hair is no longer held together and the hair starts to move, sometimes it will fall out of the dread, this can cause the dread to fall apart. The best way to take care of loose hairs in the middle of dreads is to thread the loose hairs through the dread with a Dread Tool.

Dreadlocks in a ponytail after loose hair dread tool was used

How to do it:

  • gather the loose hairs.
  • thread the loose hairs through the flosser.
  • weave the loose hair in and out through the dread using the dread tool.

Natty Dread Congo Bongo What does it mean?

“Natty Dread Congo Bongo,” the term goes way back.  The term natty (as in “natural”) and a style of dreadlocks which have formed naturally without cutting, combing or brushing.  Natty Dread is a Rastafarian term for a member of the Rastafarian community. The image of such a person is often used in reggae music and elsewhere to represent an idealized personification of the Rastafarian movement as a whole. b55c0cbcd7f1f5a45f16d7853370e371


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People from every walk of life, be it in the music world or sports field, have opted to wear dreadlocks (matted coils of hair). As a result, dreadlocks have become increasingly socially acceptable. Even those with very straight hair have developed methods to dread lock their hair.



Several different cultures have commonly worn locs. In some cultures, locs are an expression of religious beliefs. In other cultures, dreadlocks are a representation of ethnic pride or simply fashionable.


Loc jewelry can be worn on all types of locs, from Sister locks to Freeform locs, however the maturity of your locs makes a difference when choosing the right loc jewelry.  Only place loc jewelry onto your hair if it is healthy and strong.

Rasta style gained in popularity, beauty and fashion industries jumped on the bandwagon. These industries were hoping to capitalize financially.

Salons now offer their dreadlock clients a variety of hair care products for their locs.  These products range from shampoo, wax, and jewelry.

The hair stylists, working at these salons, started creating a variety of different modified or artificial locs, including extensions, multi-colored synthetic locs.

If you would like to see 194 images of Natty Dreads Congo Bongo visit my Pinterest page and follow.  Beautiful pictures of Dreadlocks, ideas on how to wrap your hair and all types of braids in a variety of colors.  Photos added daily.

Why White Girls wear Dreadlocks

Thick lovely Dreads

Why do white girls love to wear dreadlocks? Some women who wear dreadlocks are Hippies, punk or simply regular everyday people who want to express themselves through their hairstyle.  You may ask why would someone who had long, straight or curly soft hair want their hair to get matted into dreadlocks?  Some people feel that dreadlocks on white girls constitute cultural appropriation or appreciation. It all depends on your views.

In my humble opinion, I think that we, are placing too much emphasis on a particular hairstyle. People wear their hair in many different styles for many different reasons.  It’s not just a Black thing or a Caribbean thing or a Jamaican thing or even Rastafarian thing.   It goes a lot deeper than most people know.  Some people wear their hair locked for religious reason, while others look at dreadlocks as simply a fashion statement. In an article from Vice, they asked white people why they wore dreadlocks. Here’s what one young woman said “I always loved the way they looked and wanted them for about five years and hated brushing my hair. Then, when I went traveling, I decided to finally get them made to keep my hair neat and low maintenance.”

Regardless of your reason for wearing dreadlocks, here is a brief history of the hairstyles origin:

Quaz Amir – Photographer

Dreadlocks have been worn by nearly every culture at some point in time or another. Roman accounts stated that the Celts wore their hair ‘like snakes’. The Germanic tribes and Vikings were also known to wear their hair in dreadlocks. Dreadlocks have been worn by the monks of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church, the Nazarite of Judaism, Qalandri’s Sufi’s, the Sadhu’s of Hinduism, and the Dervishes of Islam, and many more! There are even strong suggestions that many early Christians wore dreadlocks; most notably Sampson who was said to have seven locks of hair which gave him his inhuman strength!

Now that you understand where dreadlocks may have originated,  you may want to take a look at the photos below to get some dread inspiration and learn how to make your dreadlocks uniquely YOU!


Longer dreads can easily be piled on the head for an elegant up do. Accessorize the look with bold flowers for a touch of color and chic flair sure to turn heads. If you prefer a more casual look, however, there are many other dreadlocks styles to choose from.



Shaving the sides of your locks are very simple. Here are the 5 steps:

  1.  Place hair into a pony tail
  2.  Take the hair that you want to cut and then pull out of pony tail
  3.   Use a scissor to cut off long hair
  4.   Use a clipper to shave the hair down close to the scalp

If you desire designs – use the T-Liner for easy designing of zigzag lines, circles or whatever creative drawing your mind can come up with.




How to put on your loc jewelry:

Step 1: Take a strand of your loc that best fits the hole of the loc jewel.
Step 2: Insert your loc into the hole of the loc jewel piece.
Step 3: Pull your loc through the loc jewel until it is secure.

*For those of you who wear loc extensions.  Please note that you many need jewelry with larger openings to fit onto your thick locs.  Use this quick beader tool to help place your beads or jewelry onto your dreadlocks.

Yarn & Synthetic Extensions

Yarn dreads, sometimes also called ‘knitted’ dreadlocks, are really faux dreads that you create with colorful yarn. As a Hair Braider, you can do Dreadlocks.  It doesn’t matter if the hair is kinky or straight.  You  can be creative and make it look beautiful to show individuality.  Visit Hair Braiding 16 Hour Course for information on how to get a Braiding License.