Best EyeLashes To Wear

We all love eyelashes! They have been around for a very long time. They used to be worn on special occasions or on theatre sets, however today eyelashes are worn on a daily basic by most women of all races. There are so many different brands on the market, different lengths, colors & designs. Listed below are a few of the BEST types of lashes to wear.

Is Your Eyelash Tech Licensed?

Is your Eyelash Tech licensed to apply false eyelashes to your eyelids? In the State of Florida if you are applying false eyelashes for compensation, you must be licensed as a Cosmetologist, or registered as a facial specialist or full specialist. The state board determined that false eyelashes does not fall within the scope of a nail specialist. You can read their final order declaratory statement here.

Image via @maccosmetics 

Lashes can and will enhance your overall glamour appearance. Please be careful who you give permission to apply false lashes onto your eyelids. Just remember that they are using glue and your eyes may be sensitive. Check the persons credentials (who is applying the false eyelashes) and the products they are using before your service begins.

High Volume Mink Lashes

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