Work With Me

I am looking for Braiders & Locticians who would like to work together with me teaching hands on Braiding & Locing styles and techniques. If you are a talented Braider or Loctician with extraordinary skills, who loves sharing and helping others, this will be a great opportunity for you to get started and gain experience as an Instructor. I’m looking for serious, passionate and dedicated individuals with a *Braiding License to join me in conducting hands on classes throughout the State of Florida.


What I’m looking for:

Please submit a video or videos of your work along with photos showing yourself working on your clients. (Before and after looks). Remember, the more photos and videos you send in, the better chances of becoming a Braiding Instructor Trainee you will have. Keep in mind that I only accept work done by you.

Along with your photos and videos, please send me any relevant information about yourself and your experience level. If you have a resume, thats also a big plus.

How to submit your ideas:

If you would like to submit photos or videos of your work, please email

I will review your submission and determine whether you will be a potential fit for AG Traveling Artists. Keep in mind that I may get a lot of submissions, so do not follow-up with me if you do not hear back immediately. Please try to be patient in waiting for a response.

If I accept you as a Braiding Instructor Trainee to work with me, I will work closely with you on things like presentation and audience engagement.


Once you have been accepted as a Braiding Instructor Trainee, I will contact you. Together we discuss your rates and choose the most appropriate payment method.

*Please note – You MUST be a licensed Braider in the State of Florida. If you do not currently have a Braiders license, you can obtain one by clicking here. You can still apply if you are unlicensed, however in order to work you must complete the 16 Hour Braiding Course.*

Arlene Gray, Cosmetology Instructor