16 Purple Braided Summer Styles


Sixteen purple braided summer hairstyles!  Purple, we love purple! In our clothing, shoes, walls, furniture, everywhere!  And yes, especially on our HAIR!! We’re got purple fever!

If you prefer a lighter shade of purple hair, these lavender box braids may be just right for you. Less common than darker shades of purple, these braids are sure to make you stand out in the crowd.

Did you know that darker shades of purple tend to look more subtle and could be a good fit if you are more conservative about color. Lighter shades of purple tend to create a more dramatic, vibrant, and eye-popping look. When it comes to braided extensions, consider how the length and thickness of the braids will affect the weight. Thinner braids will weigh less individually, which could put less tension on your roots. On the other hand, thicker braids use larger sections of hair, which may be able to withstand more weight from the added hair.  Let’s take a look at the many different ways you can rock purple braids!


If  you like thicker braids, these purple box braids might be more your speed. The rich purple color really makes this style pop.


This is a truly unique way to wear purple braids. Purple braiding hair in the front paired with black braiding hair in the back creates an interesting look, especially when pulled up into a high bun, which is a great way to show off a shaved design in the very back of the head like this one. Make sure to take you time when doing your zig-zag designs.


Braids look fabulous when combined with African Wear! Show off your cultural side with these amazing outfits like the model above.


These gorgeous waist-length box braids are perfect if you prefer a deeper shade of purple. Pair them with a matching shade of lipstick for an even bolder look.


These pretty purple box braids are styled into a cute half up half down style by wrapping the braids in the front into a simple high bun.


Bob length box braids are great for those who want to experiment with purple while maintaining a shorter length. Are you a braider? Do you have questions about how to get started as a braider or how to get your Florida Braiding License? Leave me a message or click here for more information.

Stay Purple Guys & Dolls.  Muah!!


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