Step by Step Guide to attracting Braiding Clients


When you received your braiding licensing in the mail from the Department of Business and Professional Regulations, you were so happy!  You’ve reached another milestone in your life!  What an awesome feeling, mission accomplished!  Now that you have your braiding license, now what? How do you make money with a Braiding License?

First things first.  You must take a current photo or use a photo that isn’s too old.  Get  your license laminated then display on either on your wall or on your hair station in the salon.

I’m sure that you have a few friends or family members that are you steady clients but you want to get into the game.  You want to know how to build your clientele. You want to know how to really make money.  Where do you start? Well the first place to start is with you!  You should sit down and figure out the following about yourself before you can begin the process of getting into or building your braiding business.

  1. Am I ready to commit myself to the field of braiding
  2. Am I willing to learn new skills and techniques
  3. Am I willing to work long hours standing in a salon
  4. Am I willing to give the best customer service imaginable

If you answered yes to the above questions, you are ready to get started on building your business as a hair braider.  The second item on the list of things to do after getting your license is to get yourself prepared for working on clients and letting everyone know that you are now a licensed Braider and that you are ready to work.

Make sure you have your tools to work with.  Example: combs, brushes, capes, hair ties, clips, rubber bands, beads, sanitizer bottle or container, barbercide.

  1. Go to VistaPrint  to purchase your business cards. You don’t have to have anything fancy.  VistaPrint even offers Free cards.  All you have to do is pay for shipping.
  2. Create a separate page on all social media platforms to promote your business.  Please note: do not mix your personal pictures with your business pictures. Even though you look great in those shorts or your boyfriend just surprised you with an engagement ring, please don’t post on your business page!

Those are just a few ideas on getting started. But first you will need to get your Braiding license if you live in the state of Florida.  Click here to visit Hair Braiding 16 hour course.  There you will learn everything the State of Florida wants you to know in order to work as a Professional Hair Braider.

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