Make money Braiding Mens Hair in a Barbershop

The Man Braid-Bun Process - Youtube with regard to Tim Fade Haircut
The Man Braid-Bun Process after Fade was done by the Barber.

You should be Braiding mens hair in a Barbershop because it is  a very lucrative business. Man braids, edged up with clean lines from the Andis clipper have now become one of the most popular hair fashion for men of every race and culture.  It’s the hottest trend for men right now!  Gone are the days of the simple brushed back and slick hair drawn into a  ponytail.   Men are now stepping boldly into a Braiders chair to get their tresses maintained.

Just imagine what it would be like to be the only female in a barbershop braiding hair.  Yes, the only one.  Each time a client walks through the door with at least 1 inch of hair on their head, you have a new potential client.  Men love one stop shopping.  What could be better than jumping out of the barber’s chair after getting a cut and edge right  into your chair?  I can guarantee you that once the word gets out that you are Braiding hair in the Barbershop, your appointment scheduler on your iPad will be filled on a daily basis.  Your income will increase drastically!


Boys Corn rowed Bun

Men are very particular about their hair.  They tend to stick with a Barber that is familiar with their hair.  For that reason, they choose to go to the same Barber on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  This is an excellent opportunity for you to team up with the Barber and offer a slight discount if the client pre-books with you for their next appointment. Let them know that if they pre-book, they will not only be saving money, they won’t have to wait to get into your chair.  The transition from Barber to Braider will be smooth and the client will be happy.


A lot of hipster men have taken to Instagram to show off their braided looks.  These gentlemen are no longer just wearing men buns, They have decided not to trim their hair and opted for creative braids.

Here are some of the hottest MAN BRAIDS TRENDING for the year of 2018:



Cornrows with Beads


Hair extensions on men are becoming more popular, from dread extensions to adding braiding hair for length or even adding tracks to their hair for a fuller afro or man bun.

Why Do Men Wear Hair Extensions?

Why do men wear hair extensions?   Different people wear hair extensions for different reasons some are looking to cover hair loss, others to try a funky hair color or style, while some may simply be seeking to cover up a bad new haircut. There are plenty of reasons guys are testing the waters with hair extensions.


Beautiful Braids, faded & Edged
Platinum Hair Extensions Added

Platinum Hair is achieved by using the L’Oreal Feria Absolute Platinum Hair Color.



Box Braids
Kinky Twist

Don’t miss out on all the opportunities available while working at a Barbershop  There are lots of add on services that you can offer. I will give you a guide on how to set up your business to work in a Barbershop in my upcoming post.  Stay tuned.  If you haven’t already gotten your braiding license to work in the state of Florida, here’s where you can get it, click here.  Happy Braiding!!

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